Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amazon Sellers Best Friend. How to Increase your Sales.

Increase your sales on Amazon.

The idea is simple. Drive people looking for a particular item, directly to your sales page for that item. Amazon can mix up the results of a search engine and then direct potential buys to a page with a number of sellers all trying to sell the same item.

Reviews and direct linking to your item.

This is a great way to turn up the sales and marketing of your products. I have written thousands of reviews on all kinds of products. Tablets, Laptops, Military gear, and more. Knives, kitchen gear, cooking supplies, even food items. Those people saw a dramatic increase in sales and activity just from a review about on of their products.

I helped a gentlemen take his sales on Surefire flashlights from 1 or 2 sales a week, to 10 to 20 sales a day. I helped an eBay member take his sales on Trioxaine fuel tabs from 1 sale a months, to almost a sale a day or more.

The method is simple.

If your an eBay or an Amazon seller and you would like to see your sales grow, simply follow these steps.

1. Contact us about the product you wish reviewed to our business offices at: Laptop Tester Reviews, with your Amazon or ebay sales account name, so we know who to link your product with. Jakaufman@laptoptester.com

2. Give us 3 to 5 working days to create the post, pictures and or videos of your product. We will show case the quality and use of the product. The more expensive your product is, the more work we put into it.

3. The only fee is the product you send. Sending a box of nails .vs a $20 hunting knife will receive the same type of write up. Send us an item worth over 200.00 and that will change dramatically. Last year we reviewed 231 products, over $10,000 worth of merchandise, the review ads ran for one full year. Never once was there a complaint, and many people reshipped the same product the next year to obtain another years worth of sale driven reviews.

If you would like to start seeing your sales grow on Amazon or Ebay, simply send your product to the address above, along with your contact information and as soon as we are done working your product review, we will email you a link to the product showcase. Done.

Increase your sales, presence and selling power on Amazon and ebay. Our method works and we are well-known for our reputation. 

An example would be found here. Samsung Tablet

We work with over 30 ebay sellers, who have all seen a dramatic increase in sales.
One ebayer who was trying to sell military fuel tabs, went from one sale a month, to dozens a week. Obocloseouts on ebay sent us 30 boxes of trioxane fuel, and received a simple review, ever since, he has been selling his products nonstop.

Other examples are posted on various blog sites that receive thousands of views per day. But we push more than just electronics. We have helped amazon sellers sell anything from flashlights, kitchen knives, hunting apparel, toys, pellet rifles and more.

It works, trust me. I've been doing this for a very long time, and have never had a customer complaint. You can email me at jakaufman@laptoptester.com or call me at 8288372919. We run and maintain 30 blogs and 3 websites. All geared toward affiliate marketing and reviews.

Let me help you increase your online business presence, and your sales. Over 200 Amazon sellers have used us to help sell their products. 95% Continue to use us year after year. So, help increase you amazon sales. Start today.