Friday, December 19, 2014

Online Security Suggestions

Tips for Protecting Your Online Presence:

Create Strong Passwords that do not have anything to do with you, your family or relationships. Passwords that contain birthday numbers, addresses (old or new) letters from names or friends can be easily hacked. Instead use odd sequences, special characters, and unrelated words or phrases. Example: 290GasFeed2-2

Create Odd Answers to Login Questions. Instead of answering a question like, "What is your mothers middle name" with her actual middle name, use something totally unrelated. Like for an example, Lightbulb or Doorknob.

Use a Username that doesn't identify. If your name is John Roberts, don't create a user name like this, "JohnRoberts", instead create a user name like "RobJobert" or "JayRob13" Basiclaly, anything other than your real name.

Use more than one email address. For many people, just setting up one email address is all they think they need. In reality you should have at least 3 or more. This helps in case you need to prove ownership on one email address. You should have one just for business or banking needs, and another for personal. Your best set up is to use one each of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and even Facebook can be useful for your personal emails.

Use a good Security Software system to protect yourself from hacking or Malware online. I highly recommend Webroot over all other security software. #SafeOnline To keep yourself safe while connected to any network, I trust Webroot.