Monday, May 26, 2014


Earn Facebook Credits with Free Surveys.

How can I earn facebook credits or money to put towards facebook games?

There are a ton of games on Facebook, and most of these games are free, but to advance in the game play or repair things in games like War Commander, Vega Conflict or other games, you need facebook coins or credits.

Where can I get free facebook credits? 

You can search online for ways to earn free facebook credits. In some cases you might see offers in some games for alternate ways to earn them. Watching videos, taking surveys, or getting insurance quotes are a few ways that some games might offer free coins.

As far as searching online for ways to earn free fb credits, most websites offer scams or programs that cheat facebook. These programs can lead to your facebook account being banned. So real legitimate ways to get free facebook credits are few and far between. 

The best way to get free facebook credits. 

If you are capable of spending 10 minuets a day doing survey panels, you can earn 50$ towards getting these facebook game coins. The best survey website that can give you this opportunity,  is Vindale surveys.

All you need to do is sign up and start taking surveys. You will earn 5$ right away just for signing up. That's 5 bucks towards getting those free facebook credits. You can even have your earning deposited in your PayPal account. In about 2 days or even less, you can have 50.00 to spend on Facebook games, for free.

So if you are serious about earning free facebook credits, just go sign up here.
The free credits for facebook games you can earn are easy to do. Take 10 mins a day, and get free credits for all types of facebook games.