Friday, November 7, 2014

Apple vs Samsung

Technology Wars: The Samsung & Apple Conflict 

What it will take for Samsung to win.

I'm writing this entry on last year's Samsung 2014 edition 10.1-inch tablet, which I use more than my current laptop. I have used this tablet for everything you can imagine, from working on my website to posting on Facebook. I've taken it deep into the woods for hunting deer and to work for taking pictures. I'm a blogger, a website owner, also a Chef and I use my tablet for everything.

I've seen a tremendous amount of advertising from both Samsung and Apple in the attempt to win a war between their respective products. It seems when one releases a new phone or device, the other attempts to release a better product a few weeks later with a ton of ads and propaganda ahead of the release. This has been going on forever between these two companies and I think it will only continue until one or the other dies.

I must admit, I'm a huge fan of Samsung. So before I go any further, I have to say I get a little defensive about Samsung's products. However, the ads alone are not going to help them win against Apple. The release of a new device, or anything else isn't going to make a win for Samsung and their respective products. Unfortunately, it's going to take something more than a bigger, better, cooler device.

Apple has its own operating system, and Samsung doesn't. Samsung relies on the Android platform and like most other device manufacturers like LG, Acer and others, nobody is using anything else besides Windows or Android to compete against Apple. I won't lie though, I happen to like Apple products, and have a few ipods and a Mac ipad air, but I find their os a little weak and although good, I'm not an elitist and really don't get all the hubbub.

Owning one of Apple's iPhones seems more like a social statement than a necessity. I like that their newest iPhone release was so overly redundant. I found it rather amuzing that people were looking at its larger size and saying, "that's it?". There was also all the complaints about it being too fragile and all the issues with the software updates. Yet, people were buying them up like candy. Good for Apple, bad for Samsung.

If Samsung really wants to be on top of the game and actually defeat Apple and all others in the marketplace, they need to develop their own OS. Something different and new always gets a little more attention, but just adding a extra inch of screen space or a more powerful processor isn't going to be enough.

The fact is, there are only a few operating systems in the world. If Samsung put more effort into creating a new operating system to run their devices on, then maybe Samsung would have a new edge.

Like I said beforehand, I am a huge fan of Samsung's products. I own a series 7 gaming laptop, three Samsung phones, and two different Samsung tablets. In my house there are three wide-screen Samsung televisions and a Samsung computer monitor. Everything cool I own is from Samsung.

I am attracted to the newest Samsung tablet release, but I already know what I'd be getting. Now if Samsung came out with a new OS, then my butt would be buying a new device asap. I wouldn't blink an eye buying a tablet with a standalone Samsung OS.

Samsung, I love your products. I've written many articles about your products.

I'm a fan, a owner, and a believer in the quality of Samsung products. But.....

If you really want to win this race your in, then come out with a new OS. Name it the "SamSam1" or "Sammy 2000", name it something, but whatever you do, do it soon. Please. Look, the world runs on only 3 real systems. We need something better, something new, and something different. Trust me, if you do this, you will finally crush the apple.


Jeffrey Allen Kaufman