Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apple iPad 2 MC770LL/A Tablet Review | Tablet Tester Reviews

Apple iPad 2 MC764LL/A Tablet Review

Unique and sleek, the Apple iPad 2 has more to offer than other tablets, and Apple iPad lovers who still brag about Apple's first iPad, have even more to brag about. This Apple iPad 2 is amazing and very user friendly, out of all the Apple products we have reviewed I truly love the iPad 2 the best.

Benefiting from all of Apples knowledge and customer input, the iPad ranges very close to the top of the list in the tablet PC world. When the iPad 2 first came out I was still very much in love with my laptop and really didn't get off on the idea of the iPad.

Now though I am a real believer. I have fallen in love with the Apple iPad 2 and really like how it is a great mixture of function and design. If you are asking yourself if Apple's iPad 2 is worth buying, I can tell you honestly that yes, it's worth it's price.

The iPad 2 comes in three memory sizes from a small 16GB to a 32GB and a 64GB memory model.  I would highly suggest the 64GB iPad 2.

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