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Best Laptop Carriers | Laptop Backpacks and Cases

Affordable Comfortable and Useful Backpacks and Carrying Bags for Laptops (Laptop Carrier Reviews)

A Perfect Laptop Carrier for those on the go. The Targus Drifter II Backpack Designed for 17-Inch Laptops is a perfectly designed and very comfortable backpack for anyone who demands comfort and ease of use. 

With extra large front pockets and a zip open top laptop carrying slot, you can carry your important equipment on your back effortlessly and safely. Priced for easy affordability and protection equipped, this laptop backpack is excellent. 

Targus Drifter II Backpack Designed for 17-Inch Laptop TSB239US (Black/Gray)

Carry it all in style, with a convertible laptop backpack designed to provide even a business person with a great alternative to laptop carry bags. Since many business people have to carry much more than just a laptop on a plane or train, a good sized business minded backpack is a great idea.

This is a well made and affordable spacious backpack that lets you carry everything you can imagine possible in one handy and comfortable backpack. A totally removable rear side on this backpack turns this into a simple laptop carry bag.

This is designed to fit laptops with up to a 15.4 screen and 1.5 inch max in depth. This is an excellent Laptop Backpack.

Extreme protection with features like the patented safeport air cushion system for ultimate maximum laptop protection and the case also includes a removable sleeve that helps protect your laptop against scratches and scapes during transportation and treks wherever you go.

Targus Corporate Business Traveler Laptop Backpack


Samsonite Tectonic Large Backpack

Professional quality and unsurpassed reliability, the Samsonite Tectonic laptop backpack is excellent protection and comfort all in one practical comfortable and well made laptop backpack. 

Extreme pocket space to help you carry everything you think you need and everything you wouldn't be able to carry with a typical backpack for electronics.

Awesome space saving eternal pockets and strong zippers give you plenty of room for gear and large items besides your laptop. With air pocket plush padding you can surround your laptop in a safe and well enclosed zipper pocket.

Samsonite Tectonic Large Laptop Backpack

Tamrac 5788 Evolution 8 Photo/Laptop Sling Backpack Bag (Black)

Very comfortable despite the huge amount of gear you can load into this media backpack. Styled for media personnel on the move, this camera and computer gear backpack is perfect for expensive hard to replace items, like lenses and battery packs. 

Well made and very roomy, this media ready backpack is big enough for everything you need to bring with you for on the spot media coverage. 

A huge easy reach camera switch out pocket which can also be used for various items like laptops, netbooks is quickly turned to the side with a strap and allows for it to be carried as a camera bag on your hip. Great for even larger electronics for broadcasting or FM transformers.  

Tamrac 5788 Evolution 8 Photo/Laptop Sling Backpack Bag (Black)


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