Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get The Samsung 700G7A Gaming laptop When It's Ready for Sale

Get the Samsung NP700G7A Series 7 Gaming laptop When It's Ready for Sale 

With the reviews on this Samsung Series 7 Gaming laptop flooding the internet, and many people looking everywhere to buy one, we discovered where this NP700 Gaming Laptop can be bought and when.

We found the 700G7A Samsung Gamer listed for pre-order on several "China Outlet Websites" that claim to have it ready for pre-order, but we can't trust these sites for several reasons. On several sites the links are broken and do not take you to the actual laptop.

Engadget claimed to have it ready for pre-order, but their link doesn't work or is broken! It was the same for Leetgamers, Electronista, and many other websites that are using all these dead links and hype to gain traffic over this laptop. It's amazing what some websites will publish to gain a few hundred views.

Engadget yet is another site making false claims to add to the hype over this laptop. Unlike all the other review sites and blogs, we actually looked before posting anything. 

We found the NP700G7A Gaming Laptop for sale on a few sites outside of the USA, but we can't post those links for anyone here in the USA because they won't ship here, plus we don't know if these sites are actually safe.

Here are the listed prices we scooped up off the internet for the Samsung Gaming Laptop.
$2,277.00 Base Model with Non-Upgraded Components. $3,153.00 For a Fully Customized Samsung Gaming Laptop with all Components at full settings. We also found it listed for $4,100.00 in Yellow on Ebay, but it was sold out. The Samsung gamer is also listed for $3,285.00 on Amazon's UK site, but this was also sold out.

So here is the deal, we will have the Samsung 700G7A Gaming Laptop listed here first, and have it listed at the top 5 best prices from every outlet that becomes available. Sign Up for OUR release on the selling of this Samsung 700G7A, when it is finally released in April or sooner and save yourself the headache and drama with these other sites who don't care about your gaming desires like we do. After all we are the underdog, and a bunch of video game playing freaks who are looking to buy the first US release of the Samsung 7 Series Gaming Laptop too!


We will send you a email as soon as this is released!

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