Sunday, August 28, 2011

Laptop Tester | The Best Free Maintenance and Anti-Virus Programs for Laptops

Best Free Maintenance and Anti-Virus Programs

One of the first things I often tell people when they ask me about buying a new laptop is to invest in a good Anti-Virus and Spyware detection program. I suggest you do a little shopping around for one that fits the power of your laptop. If your new laptop can handle graphic intensive anti-virus systems, cool, if not, if your buying a netbook, like Acers Aspire One for example, find one that uses less processor demanding software.

Strongly I would suggest staying away from Avast, or Norton, these have a tendency to gobble up your memory when loading and unloading, and while running their scans, use something smaller and more light weight.

I suggest for an average laptop and computer user these free Anti-Virus Programs that I have used for the last few years. The list is compiled from my actual use, and the tendencies these programs have for better performance in certain laptop types.AVG Free Anti-Virus: One of the best Anti-Virus Programs available. It's a great free anti-virus and I recommend it to mid sized laptops to even smaller netbooks running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.

ThreatFire™ AntiVirus: I think if I am really looking at speed and responsiveness in a anti-virus program, that would use less dependencies on your system, I would go with Threat Fire. It's free and it does an excellent job as it should, it's a great anti-virus program!  

Avast Free Anti-Virus: I have used Avast since their conception debut on cnet. I wasn't that happy with the before versions, and thought this newest version would be better. I like it's interface, a little complicated, but very customizable. Problems, it can at times be compromised, and I have had viruses trapped by Avast, only to not be able to remove them. Very upsetting when I had virus reports but no way to remove them without using another program to do it. 

In a few aspects of laptop use, a good side arm to be used with your anti-virus are programs that remove viruses, or clean up the registry after viruses are uninstalled or removed. Some can be great from messy registries and help clean up traces of Windoes updates, securing extra hard drive space.

Free McAfee Avert Stinger: This is a stand alone virus remover tool. It scans and removes viruses, and that's about it. It doesn't do the work of a anti-virus program suite, but does do a good job in scanning and removing threats. As a tool, this is one of the best for virus removing. 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: This is the best I believe in Malware and virus detection and removal. I use it at least twice a month on two of my best laptops, and love its detection and scan speeds. A great free anti-malware program.

IObit Malware Fighter: A little controversy between this and Malwarebytes due to copyright issues. a bunch of he said she said stuff, but this program still does the job it should, and it's free. A great utility and tool for removal of stubborn viruses.

CCleaner: This is does more than it should for what it is. It checks your system for useless files, registry issues and lost space from a number of places on your computer or laptop. It frees up space, deletes usless system and program entries in the registry and removes junk files from your computer. 

WinASO Registry Optimizer: Easy as pie to use, and amazing benefits! This registry cleaner does one awesome job of detecting useless program files and junk on your hard drive. It can find errors related to your registry files, from your custom controls, lost shortcuts, outdated driver files, useless font files, shared program junk files, and empty configuration files that you may have stuck on your system after years or just weeks of use.