Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Laptop Tester Review: A Coby Kyros 7" Touch Screen Tablet PC with Android for Under $150 Bucks

Tablet PC for under $150.00? Andriod Operating System? Touch Screen? Oh yeah, we found it and tested the 7" Touch Screen Tablet PC Notebook Pad, and let Laptop Tester on Blogger tell you, for $104.72 this thing is a steal!

Perfect for College Students and those always on the run. This touch pad does exactly what you want it to do. Running the Andriod 2.3 OS, lets you work, play and surf the web. You get a great Tablet PC with great software.

When we took it out of the box and started it up, I was the first to play with it, and for the price, this thing is outstanding! I enjoyed the Andriod OS, and the capabilities this little 7" Touch Pad offers.

The cost doesn't match the quality, it's for sure my new 7" play toy in the office and I have taken it home enough enough times, so now according to Laptop Tester law, it's mine!

It's responsive and light weight, this tablet pc is great for reading or working at the park, or typing ideas down while sitting at home on the couch. I loved how well the older Andriod OS runs, it reminds me of the 3.0, just lighter in style. A great buy and we highly recommend it to you as a cool touch pad for when your away from your main system! One of the best pc deals we have ever found on the market for this type of system and gear.

Well built, made with good materials, this 7 inch touch pad is awesome!

Buy it today!