Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews the Vizio XVT3D554SV 55" Full Array LED Full HD 3D TV - 1080p

Normally, when we watch tv at work here at Laptop Tester, it's on the computer, and we never watch real tv, until we had a chance to watch tv on the new Vizio XVT 3D. The system is simple to assemble, that means it took us a little over five minuets to set up our Vizio and start watching dvds. The picture is incredible, the 55 inch screen really was awesome. The interface is easy to use and we loved being able to browse the internet with the Internet Apps the system came with.

  • Easily connect to the Internet and stream movies and TV shows, listen to music and get the latest news, sports and weather 
We noticed even poor quality youtube videos were better while watching them on the Vizio!
  •  The XVT Extreme VIZIO Technology series epitomizes cutting edge technology delivering an experience that’s simply out of this world 
We Have to agree with Circuit City, the XVT is in a class by its self!
  • Using the latest technologies for the optimal 3D experience, VIZIO 3D ensures your movies, sports, games and more come to life like never befor.
As we said, even poor quality video comes alive on this Vizio system!
  • The latest 802.11N Dual Band Wireless Networking is built-in making connecting to the Internet quick and easy 
Exactly what we encountered, we set it up, connected easily to our Wi-Fi, and off we went to browse and play with our new system!
  • This full array, backlit HDTV is comprised of hundreds of LEDs divided into 120 control blocks and utilizes Smart Dimming™ to intelligently control these blocks turning them on and completely off based on the content you’re watching