Sunday, November 13, 2011

100% Water Proof Military Style Cell Phones | Laptop Tester Review

Casio G'zOne Commando Android Military Phone

The perfect cell phone for the Rambo in your life. The Casio G'Zone Commando Smartphone is all about ruggedness and durability. It meets the United States Military Standards for shock, emersion, dust, altitude, temperatures, solar radiation and salt water fog. Besides the fact it's an Android with all the features and apps you need, this is a military grade cell phone that even Rambo wished he had.

Even cooler is the fact that this Casio G'Zone Commando can be used as WiFi hotspot allowing up to 5 devices to connect through it's own connection. So you can keep all of your platoon connected in undesirable conditions.

Get it now before Rambo Does
Casio G'zOne Commando Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)


If you are in the market or looking for a durable military styled cell phone that is water proof, shock proof and dust proof, Laptop Tester found it at an incredible price. $72.21

This affordable military style water proof phone has all the necessary features you need when out surfing, fishing, boating, rock climbing or laying around at the beach. Take pictures, record video, text or listen to your favorite tunes while you stay busy doing what you want to do. So now you can leave your more expensive phone at home, and take this military style 100% water proof and rugged phone instead.

Bluetooth enabled and you can have up to 4gbs of memory with a SD card extension, and yes even the memory slot in this phone is water proof. You get all the features you would expect in a ordinary cell phone like a camera that takes both videos and pictures, messaging, and a MP3 player. Not too bad for a military styled cell phone and it's priced super cheap, only because of the fact these are sold normally by the case in higher volumes.

This water proof phone is the same brand we tested a few months back, and our review is the same. You can take this phone anywhere and never worry about getting it wet, dropping it, or getting it dirty. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone who works or plays in wet, dusty or troublesome environments. It's built to last and has a comfortable rubberized outer-shell, unlike protective covers and shells, this entire phone is constructed to be water proof.

This is a cell phone you can swim with or surf with, and never worry about destroying it when it gets soaked to the bone. We really love this military styled phone and you will too. Perfect for anyone who is sick of replacing more expensive cell phones and wants to never worry about their cell phone getting ruined again.

100% shock proof + 100% dust proof +100% water proof phone, what more do you need to know?


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