Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best Shooter War Games 2011 | FPS Video Games Reviews

Best Shooter War Games of 2011 - FPS Game Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is perhaps one of the best FPS squad multiplayer video games of the last few years. Ultra fast game play and action packed campaigns easily makes this shooter game #1 in our opinion.

Great game play if you have the right specs in your computer. We play this during down time here at LTB.

We found great deals all over the Internet, but secured it at a low deal special on COD MW3.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Alright FPS freaks if you never heard of COD Black Ops, you must have been in jail or stationed in Alaska or something. Call of Duty Black Ops should be on everyone's PC. This game is intense and down right action packed.

If you're ready to get your game on and collect head shots, this is the game for you. Black Ops is considered the best release from AcTiVision games.

Heart pumping, jaw dropping, deadly shooting and squad action is incredible as a online game.

We know you want the Black Ops, and we have it cheaply priced.



Battlefield 3

Emerge victorious after immersing yourself into cutting edge video game warfare. This 3rd release of the epic Battlefield trilogy is intense and very graphic game play.

Utilize all sorts of weapons during game play, and enjoy great multiplayer online action that will leave you in a cold sweat!

This is a great addition to any gamers collection.
Battlefield 3 is top notch action and perfect for anyone who loved the first and second releases.