Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Laptop Tester Review | Laptop Accessories

Best USB Devices to Have in your Laptop Bag. 
Memory Sticks, Wireless Adapters, and other Cool Gadgets for your Laptop!

USB memory is normally a much needed item, but finding one that has 32 GB worth of memory can be a hard find. Luckily Laptop Tester has connections.

Get a 32 gigabyte flash drive and save yourself some much needed hard drive space. This is a must have in any laptop bag.


A retractable USB Flash Drive with style.

The ADATA C008 / 32GB Flash Memory stick is perfect for office or home use. Dependable and quickly recognized when first plugged into a USB port, this 32GB flash drive is great for anyone needing a few extra GB's worth of portable storage.

We found this ADATA C008 32GB Flash Drive at an incredible price, well below most sellers at $34.99


500GB External Hitachi HLSMBUA5001ABB LifeStudio Mobile Hard Drive.

Except for much needed programs and OS system files, you could totally transfer an average hard drive from a laptop to this external drive and save hundreds of GB's worth of hard drive space.

This 500GB External Drive can store everything you need to keep with you. This mobile hard drive saves space and can help you stay organized.

500GB LifeStudio Hard Drive for $89.96


H555 Logitech Laptop Headset H555
Quiet Audio For Notebooks

Get a pair of these head phones and never bother anyone when you play video or watch movies. These Logitech phones are great fitting and comfortable earphones.

Logitech's H555  has a built in adjustable microphone and super comfortable ear cushions makes this pair of earphones a worthwhile item to carry in your bag.