Sunday, November 20, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | Great Anti-Virus Software for Laptops

We all need good protection from Viruses and Malware, the question always is which Anti-Virus software is the best for the individual user and the system you're using an Anti-Virus for a Laptop or Desktop PC.

There are a number of Anti-Virus programs available and most of them are pretty good and work great. The only thing is which Anti-Virus is really the best for a laptop. You could look around and see reviews from Cnet and other websites that can give you an idea about which ones to use, but here at Laptop Tester, we already did the research and have made up our minds for you.
Founded in 1997, this company provides best-of-the best in security solutions that protect personal information and corporate assets from online and internal threats. As far as Anti-Virus programs go Webroot is one of the top of the line in user ratings and has a great reputation among most users that have it installed on their laptop. We used their free trail program for a little over a month so far and have been very happy with it, and believe you will to. Great security, easy to understand interface and great Anti-Virus protection. Give their free trial a spin for yourself and see why we picked them as #1 in Anti-Virus software for laptops.