Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | The Sony VAIO VPCSE17FX


Let me introduce one of Sony's finest laptops available. The VAIO VPCSE17FX/B is built to give you the best of what Sony stands for, excellence! 
After we tested this awesome VAIO, we had a hard time deciding who was going to keep it. In a office of 20 people and growing, we had to draw straws to figure out who was taking this home after testing.

Looking to buy this VAIO  VAIO VPCSE17FX/B Laptop from another dealer of electronics? We recommend buying with Microsoft's new Signature way of doing business, you can be assured that the PC you order will arrive tuned and configured for maximum enjoy-ability and excellent performance. This means it comes with no annoying trialware and dumb sample software that typically bogs down new PCs. 


Hey you get the Intel i5 processor at 2.40ghz and Sony Quality in this awesome laptop, with Speed Boost you can bet on this running at a 2.9ghz for single threaded software.

                                                    The Specs for the  VAIO VPCSE17FX/B
• Slim sheet battery easily connects to PC's underside, adding very little extra weight unlike other laptops of this type.
• A Smart Backlit keyboard offers the user a enjoyable typing experience day or night.
• 4 USB 3.0 port provides transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0
• 640 GB hard drive has all the room you need for storing hundreds of thousands of digital media files, documents, or anything else you want.

We actually have no choice but to proclaim this as one of the best of the best in laptop quality. Sony's VAIO VPCSE17FX is full of the features you would come to expect from Sony. Offering the user great flexibility in one of the best systems in laptops known. Sony's new dependable platform is easily conformable to your needs and this laptop falls right into the budget of a great deal. 

The Sony VAIO series are renowned for their quality and durability, not to mention the fact these are one of the best in the world as far as laptops goes. We highly recommend that you take a close look at the specs of this great laptop from Sony and hurry up and buy the one we are listing before supplies run out.

Get this Sony VAIO VPCSE17FX/B  now at a great price. $1,299.00