Monday, November 14, 2011

Connect with a WiFi Booster | Laptop Tester Reviews

High Powered WiFi Booster

Cheat a little and use this high powered WiFi booster to connect where sometimes you can't. The easy connect USB WiFi Wireless Adapter with a 5dBi Antenna allows you to reach wireless modems further away than your built in device may allow. Great for apartment buildings, neighborhoods, or living in close proximity to WiFi hot spots you can see on your list but can't connect to.

This Booster can be used with any computer that supports USB. With a detachable antenna that is upgraded for even more range, this WiFi booster can reach 1000 meters in open space, but it's very sensitive and powerful, much more than a normal WiFi card found in most laptops, netbooks, or notebooks. Output power of up to 500mW (27 dBm) for further coverage range. That's up to 5x than standard of most USB adapters and 10x the power of most eternal devices. 

It has the security like all WiFi devices with 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, 802.11 protection.
Works great connecting and we had zero problems with the device, actually we were able to connect to the Hilton Inn across the street, which we couldn't do with our other devices in our laptops or desktop computers. What's really cool about this WiFi Booster, is the price!

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