Friday, November 25, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | Laptop WiFi Won't Connect

Laptop Help for WiFi Problems.

First of all don't panic, if your laptop isn't connecting to a wireless source you normally have no problems connecting to at home, follow these simple steps to fix your WiFi Problems.

1. Check your network and sharing, make sure it's set to your home network. You can even disable your wireless and re-enable it. This restart on your wireless module sometimes can help.

2. Go to your network and sharing setting, click "manage wireless networks" and delete the one your not connecting to. Then try to reconnect to the wireless system you normally use. You will have to re-enter any information or passwords you needed to connect to the WiFi the first time. 

3. If none of that worked, check your browser. Sometimes it needs to be reset as far as connections are concerned. Depending on which browser you use, firefox, Internet explorer or chrome browsers, go to options and under "Proxy Settings" click auto detect. Close the browser and restart it. Then try to connect again.

4. If none of that worked, check the settings on the router and see if your Mac is blocked.

5. If nothing else, buy a USB wireless stick or go on Ebay and buy a new wireless card of the EXACT same model. You can install a new internal wireless card on a laptop pretty easily and it might cost 5$ on ebay if you shop wisely.

We hope these steps helped you fix your wireless problems.