Friday, December 2, 2011

Chrome and Maxthon Browser Review | The Two Best New Browsers

Chrome and Maxthon | Get Your Newest Browser Now

We always like improvements at Laptop Tester, improvements in laptops and Processors and everything pertaining to what we do. Recently we noted a few new blogging tools and some great software releases, but right now as far as improvements go, we love these next two browsers.

If you're not familiar with the Google Chrome browser, you must have just been released from prison or something! Google Chrome is an excellent and enjoyable browser. As a matter of fact it just over took the number one slot in traffic sources on almost every website out there. It beat FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera and all others hands down.

As a matter of fact it's what we use here, Chrome has various applications that allow you to have easy access to things you like to do. iScribe for example, a great HTML and Blogging tool that Google Chrome has available for you to use from it's Chrome store along with many other cool and easy to use apps.

Try Chrome now and see for yourself. It's a great browser!


Maxthon 3
Yes it's true, Maxthon is a real reliable and powerful browser that is really starting to climb the charts and it is so easy to see why. Maxthon is reinventing the browser by changing how you use it.

At first we weren't sure what to expect but Maxthon quickly proved what Maxthon is all about. This new browser is a vibrant and super fast browser that unitizes tremendous drawing speeds and faster speed enhancements, making it the fastest browser we have ever heard of or used.

It's safe and secure, but most of all, it's different! This is a very new approach to web browsing, with really cool features and special effects that actually are useful. We love it here at Laptop Tester for 3 reasons. It's super fast, very secure and fun to use! If you want something better in browsing the Internet, Maxthon is exactly what you want!

Try Maxthon Now and Comment about your experience below!