Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | The Samsung 7 Slate Tablet Review

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A03US 11.6-Inch Slate Review

We heard about the Slate by Samsung back when it first came out and were pretty sure we would be expecting to see another run of the mill "Tablet". Our expectations were wrong. The Samsung 7 Series 11.6 inch Slate is one of those impressive oddities we sometimes can over look.

Let's talk about this cool tablet pc by Samsung called "The Slate" from the 7 Series by Samsung. In the past I have made no diversions in my love for Samsung quality. I have always been a huge fan, and when we had the chance to review this Slate/Tablet, I was doing my best to contain my excitement. 

The always quick Intel Core i5 dual-core processor runs this Samsung Slate, so don't be thinking it will be lacking power because it gets even more powerful. Up to 2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology.

The Samsung Slate has a real good platform to start with. You get a full version of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, and a 128 GB SSD Hard Drive. Those are some serious components for a tablet pc. It's also very quick as far as load up time and log in speed.

The screen is super huge and a full touch screen that is incredibly responsive. Actually it seems more accurate in finger tip trace technology than our Apply iPad Tester. So we really liked how well it responded to typing and cursor movement,

It did get a little warm as we were watching some video but over all it stayed cool. This is an excellent choice for anyone who likes notebook performance in a tablet design with a slim overall depth. It has all the expected components you would want to get with a PC of this quality and would be great for students or business types. This is well crafted and a very sturdy design. Excellent graphics and power makes this one great buy for anyone looking for a tablet this size. The Samsung 7 Slate is exactly what your are looking for is you want power in a hand held over sized tablet.

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Great Price $1,349.99