Saturday, December 31, 2011

HP EliteBook 8760w XU101UT Notebook PC - Intel Core i7-2720QM 2.20GHz

HP EliteBook 8760w XU101UT Notebook PC

The Professional's dream Notebook. Generate intensive graphics and animation, multi-dimensional engineering plans, and complex designs with this powerful HP EliteBook 8760w. 8GB worth of Memory, a 17.3" Screen, Close to 1TB of hard Drive Space, Wi-Fi, and HP's unparalleled commitment to making systems that last and work like clock work, what more could you ask for in their EliteBook

After opening the box and starting this bad boy up, we were in love! This quickly became one of my favorite laptops, oops I meant Notebook. Astounding graphics and very quick functionality had me drooling. The Elitebook is sleek, stylish, and packed with everything you could ever ask for in a notebook of this quality.

The NVIDIA Quadro 3000M Graphics with a awesome amount of 2GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory totally rocks game play. It just rips and tosses high end gaming software like a pit-bull playing with a mouse! The i7 processor does what you would expect it to do. Multitasking and loading programs are a breeze. No wonder they named it "Elitebook", because it just sweeps the board and gets your blood pumping just looking at it. We are happy to give HP our 5 Star rating after our 7 day test.

We found it priced perfectly and ready to ship! So if you really want one of the best notebooks around, for business and gaming, with all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for, buy it now!