Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible PC

Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Tablet Netbook PC
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Go from touch tablet to keyboard to touch screen with a flip of wrist with this unique flip screen netbook for under $600. This is a very innovative and original notebook, oops I meant tablet.. Whatever!'
It's a Dell, so....Cool!

Ok so we had an opportunity to check this ultra cool Dell Convertible out for the first time today and we have to say, this is one cool little system. The touch screen works in both modes of use, either as a tablet or as a keyboard Netbook. Which I liked how versatile it becomes when you need it to.

This is a productivity tool that it is totally usable no matter which way you want to use it. The screen spins out and flips, then by closing it like a lid to a laptop, you now have a tablet pc, which is awesome when standing during a meeting or doing a walk through the office.

We liked the netbook aspect too. While sitting it works like a netbook should, and runs pretty smoothly. The screen is bright and glossy, a huge plus when your indoors. The touch screen is easy to navigate and responds swiftly to finger or stylus. We were actually amazed to find that the price for this Dell Inspiron Duo Covertible Tablet Netbook was for sale at this price below $600.00.

Otherwise, it was cool, and we enjoyed it. and I think you will too if you like Dell products. This is perfect for business minded people and students alike who like to take hand written notes while walking or being busy on their feet. Dell really came up with a great Netbook with the Duo Convertible Tablet.

I can easily say that if I was to use this in business it would work great for someone who does a lot of running around and less sitting. The screen on the Dell Convertible is exactly what you want if you like tablets and like netbooks all in one compact package. Dell's Convertible Tablet is a great piece of technology!

We have it at a great price and ready to go. $549.00