Friday, December 23, 2011

Laptop Review | Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P771 12.1" LED Review

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P771 12.1" LED Notebook Review

I guess at Laptop Tester we have a thirst for extraordinary laptops, and the Fujitsu Lifebook P771 is one of those awesome once in a lifetime laptop opportunities.

First of all this is one awesome hardcore laptop. It was not built for lightness or thinness, it was built to be one heck of a performer. During our week long test, we really felt that is the best business laptop from Fujitsu they ever came out with.

Great connectivity, high performance and solid construction makes this a perfect value. The slick and sleek top and overall finish just screams business, but that doesn't mean this isn't just for that!

The smaller screen makes this ideal as a netbook, but with a i7 processor it fits into the notebook category instead. It's a little thick, but that's Fujitsu, they make a roomy platform for several reasons. Mostly for air flow and sturdiness. This is a solid notebook, very strong, and heavy. While the word heavy might be a turn off for some, this Lifebook is a safe investment because it's built to take a drop.
And when we say heavy, we mean as in solidness. You might read me write that a few times because it is just that, solid!!

Astonishing quality compliments the overall value on Fujitsu's Lifebook P771, the keyboard itself is easy on the fingers, and the mouse pad is very accurate and responsive. What I really liked about the Lifebook is the connectivity. It had all the ports you need to connect to just about anything, and the easy access design was just wonderful. Nothing is hard to get to and nothing really gets in the way either.

It's compact and solid. Yeah I know, there I go with the word solid again, but really this Lifebook is just that, it is not at all shaky or flimsily.

It has spectacular designed in items that most notebook or laptops don't have. If you look closely at these pictures you can see the real quality right away. It just begs to be touched.

LIFEBOOK P771 Executive Ultraportable Notebook LOWEST Price

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

LIFEBOOK P771 Executive Ultraportable Notebook LOWEST Price