Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Laptop Tester Review | Sony S Tablet Review

The Sony Tablet S Review

Sony is renowned for making great advancements in how you use your Sony Electronics. They spend quite an amount of time in researching how we use things, and with the Sony S Tablet, they made sure you would be comfortable using it.

Unlike most Tablets, the Sony S Tablet is made to keep your hands fatigue free. Allowing you to hold this without annoying finger stress or palm fatigue. Which makes for a much more enjoyable experience and longer less problematic use,

When we finally had the chance to review this Sony S Tablet, we really were impressed with the functionality of how they made it more comfortable to use. Now don't get us wrong, we love a flatter device, but we also know from experience how easy it is to end up with tired hands and fingers from the constant holding and turning of a tablet. Which maybe one of the reasons I rather use a laptop over a tablet most of the time, but I also know how much easier it is to work with a tablet when you're trying to stay busy.

Very gamer friendly, the Sony S Tablet is a great little entertainer, we were impressed by the graphics.The screen jumps out at you, and the 9.4 inch screen is large enough and roomy, very bright and clean looking.

The multi-touch is user friendly, and seems intuitive as you use it. Very precise and accurate finger tracing powered by Capacitive Technology is another great addition to this tablet.

The S Tablet is fundamentally a great device and well crafted like all Sony products are, just more contoured for longer use and more comfortable handling. I believe you are more less likely to even drop this, because of the gripping area, than a regular simple flat Tablet.

The performance of the Tegra 2 by Nvidia found in the Sony S Tablet is very responsive and quick to do it's job. No complaints with it's powerful threading capabilities.

Over all the features and usefulness of this Tablet earns it's place on our reviews. Anyone looking for a great Tablet PC with great features and very user friendly interface can easily go for this one. We loved it and we think you will too.

Best Price on The Sony S Tablet $549.99