Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lotus Laptop Computer Reviews

Our Lotus Laptop Review is well over due, so lets get started. Lotus Brand Laptops are made from uncompromising materials, with the best brand components, and leading edge technology. When you buy a Lotus PC, you're buying American quality. All of their computers are made and assembled right here in the United States, assembled by Americans using brand name imported goods, but still American Quality goes into each Desktop, and Laptop.

We recently did a review and interview on Lotus Laptops with the owner of Lotus Karel Felipe, but apparently that wasn't enough. The demand for more information has flown through the roof, and this little unknown laptop company is suddenly becoming a subject of attention from people looking to buy a new laptop from an American owned company.

There are four laptop designs listed below that Lotus has out at the moment. With a few new ones about to hit the market that we wish we could reveal to you, but all Karel is willing to tell us is that they will be incredible new laptop additions to his now fantastic line. Anyways, lets get started.

The Lotus Solstice 13 Notebook Review

If you are looking for incredible quality in a light-weight designed notebook, you can find just that and much more in Lotus's Solstice 13.

This is a very well crafted and intelligently made notebook, that comes with many of the same features you might find in other brands, at a lower cost. You can be assured that with the Solstice 13 you're getting the best for your hard earned money.

We loved our test notebook. The Solstice 13 runs on either Windows 7 or Ubuntu, or even both if you want. Either way, since our's came with both installed, we can tell you that they both ran smooth as silk during our week long test.

The best part about this notebook from Lotus is that it's made for the student or business minded guru who needs a lighter, less powerful notebook for doing those word processing tasks, surfing the internet, or just watching a movie. I think Google's Chromebook should be on the look out, this is really a great contender in the realm of productivity for web surfing types who are more interested in more basic functions. The powerful but easy to use Ubuntu OS in the notebook makes this one great performer and we believe a contender for Google's Chromebook.

Solstice 15 Notebook Review

Again, if you have or have not had the chance to learn more about these Notebooks from Lotus, it's time you started.

This is my favorite Notebook from Lotus.
The Solstice 15 is a wonderful, and incredible Notebook computer. Very powerful and sleekly designed. This is a well rounded Notebook, perfect for anyone who needs a business, or school type notebook with a little more bang.

Run some games if you want, or heavy picture and video editing software. This is a very flexible notebook and affordable. If you compare the differences between the Solstice 15 and other brand notebooks, you will notice three things. The same components, better quality assurance, and unsurpassed customer service. Not to mention price, so ok four things. All I know is, if you buy another notebook with the same good stuff packed inside like the Solstice 15, for more money, send me your address, and I'll come over and kick you in the pants.

Eclipse 15 Gaming Power Notebook Review

The Eclipse 15 Gaming Notebook has had me drooling for a while now. I totally freaked out when we finally got our test notebook.

Ok I know this isn't a Alienware X18, but who cares. This is the Eclipse 15 bad boy that looks like a plain old Notebook, but inside is a nuclear arsenal nobody knows is there but you!

Extreme gaming performance, powerful system components, and the best price available for a high end gaming Notebook. I mean where can you buy a gamer's dream like the Eclipse 15 for under $1,200.00, and still get all the gamer minded necessities that the Eclipse 15 has? I dare you to find one with what this has for the same price. I dare you!!

You build this up from a $1,199.00 price tag, or buy it perfectly equipped as is. Either way, when you're done building it, you are still spending less than if you went out and bought some over priced brand name.

The Newest Release from Lotus is the all New Solstice 15+

A upgrade from the original, this powerful and sleek laptop from Lotus is getting quite a bit of attention as one of the top 10 best new releases of 2012.

The Solstice 15+ offers cutting edge desktop performance in a mobile platform that's swift and powerful, with its strong and dependable "Sandy Bridge" 2nd generation Intel Core processor, and the ultra powerful NVIDIA graphics with Optimus Technology, this laptop is easily one of the best newest release of 2012!
A ultra dependable laptop with some real guts behind their label, this Lotus solstice 15+ is a well designed laptop with all the stunning and elaborate features of it's competition, at a much easier price to swallow.

You really can not go wrong buying from Lotus, listen up, not only are you getting a great laptop made by some great people, but you are also getting an excellent warranty and a great customer service office that actually cares about you, the customer.