Saturday, December 3, 2011

Laptop Tester Reviews | Unknown Laptop Companies

Unknown Laptop Manufacturers Spotlight and Reviews

Unknown Laptop Makers? We found a few and decided to shine a spotlight on the ones we believe are really worth becoming "known".
We believe we should start with some of the better unknown laptop companies residing here in America and abroad.

These are companies that hold a small profitable edge in the laptop industry, who for better or worse hold a title of being "unknown". Thousands of searches a month take place on Google under the keywords of "Unknown Laptop Companies and or Company" for a good couple of reasons.

One is price, people who are looking for a unknown laptop are expecting to get a better deal and in most cases this is true. Simply because these unknown companies have less over head, they are smaller businesses, and despite those factors, many of these laptop companies utilize the same components and materials as other well known companies like Dell and Hp but sell their products for hundreds of dollars less. Why? Because they are in a bracket of their own, with a small but ever expanding customer base, and they have to compete against other known companies who have the luxury to advertise on a almost limitless budget.

The second reason why people are looking for unknown laptop companies? Discovery and uniqueness.
It is how I came to be an owner of a Microexpress IFL9025 in 07. This laptop had duo graphics at 2GB's, 8GB's of Memory, 1TB of Hard Drive and a 16" screen. I paid $2,200.00 for that laptop, that if I purchased with the same configuration from a well known brand would have ran me $2,800.00 to $3,200.00. So to make my point clear, buying from the unknown can be a wonderful tactic when looking for a good deal.

The only downfall when looking for these companies on your own, is being able to trust in the purchase. After all you are buying from a company you may have never heard of before, and in the world of Internet fraud, it can be hard to place trust in a company you never seen or heard of before. So, by the time your are done reading this, you will come to know several unknown laptop companies, who are trusted dealers and known, at least by me, to be superb honest and dependable companies.

So let's get started getting to know these unknown companies in the laptop and notebook jungle. is in my opinion the best out of all the unknown laptop companies out there. Based in Orlando Fla, this company is an outstanding builder of excellent high quality and dependable laptop and pc computers. We recently had the chance to do a review on both the Eclipse and Solstice lines of their laptops and found them to be very impressive works of art and we also had chance to do a sit down with the owner Karel Felipe for an interview. We learned very quickly that his company is a well trusted and reliable laptop builder.

Great construction and well balanced design makes this unknown laptop company a company to keep your eyes on. You will find great prices and great customer service all under one roof at, give them a try and see for yourself.


First class unknown company with a wide selection of "built to order" laptops and more. You can get yourself a custom server or a PC or a great heavy duty gaming laptop.

 While we actually had to look really hard to find these guys, we hope maybe a little basking in our spotlight might shine some light on this unknown laptop company based in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, WA, USA.

Take a look for yourself and we hope you find their prices and quality as good as we did. Puget systems is one of the leaders in the unknown laptop computer company category, and well worth the time to get to know for yourself.


We had heard very little about ZT systems since a really crappy review on, but then again that's Cnet for you. 

I was on there the other day looking at Anti-Virus programs when I noticed they actually still have several malware viruses listed as "good" Anti_Virus programs. So when I read something from crapnet, oops Cnet I meant, about ZT systems I tend to look the other way, and I think perhaps you should too. 

ZT is a reliable server and PC builder with a top notch reputation in the computer business. Although they have yet to return a email for a request to review their laptops, I felt it would be a good idea to go ahead and give them a fair review anyways. I had a friend last year have them build a real nice laptop for engineering school. So I know their quality is up to specs. Give them a chance and maybe their laptop will be your next?


Systemax builds laptops in a price range you will have a hard time beating. This is one of the better "know, unknown laptops builders" out there. Some of their products can be found on tigerdirect and other sale sites. 

They kinda have come out with a new SYX branding which gives them a little better status than being a unknown laptop builder. They are however pretty dynamic systems and customization is a breeze with their system. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Systemax.