Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Laptop Tester Reviews | ASUS G53SX-XT1 -and- ASUS G53SX-XA1 Review

Our ASUS G53SX-XT1 -and- ASUS G53SX-XA1

I love a good laptop, especially ones that provide the best of both gaming performance and business smarts, all rolled up into one great laptop computer. The ASUS G53SX-XT1 and the ASUS G53SX-XA1 have everything you ever wanted in gaming and business laptops. I have to admit that for the most part, ASUS laptops don't always get me drooling, but the G53SX series got my attention. With a once upon a time special $899.99 Price Tag, you couldn't go wrong with these Asus Laptops.

The High Definition Graphics coming from Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560M 2GB graphics card blows other laptops in this price range out of the water. Taking out this laptop for a spin was like driving a Porsche after running around on a scooter. I loved the speed and power of both the graphics, processor, and software. ASUS out did itself with the G53SX XT1 and XA1. I actually think that these laptops beats my own. The gaming side is fast and sleek, and for business, it is just perfect.

A good sized and powerful 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory bank ensures top performance, but a memory upgrade for the Asus G53SX series can get you up to 16GB. 16GB DDR3 SDRAM, 4 x SODIMM Memory Upgrade for the Asus G53SX Series of laptops

Very fast moving air ventilation keeps your system cooler than other laptops with this kind of heavy duty hardware packed inside.

Connection speeds from both the ASUS G53SX-XT1 and the ASUS G53SX-XA1 are ultra fast and if you needed one of these for business graphics, you have 2gbs of HD graphics under the hood. The design of the laptop is very functional too, with a 15.6" screen, and super glossy finish, I was in awe with the HD output. Very good connectivity, WiFi runs smooth as silk.

Comes packed with Windows 7 64bit, all the needed software for getting online to watching HD movies. I had no complaints what so ever and I doubt you will either! ASUS has really put some thought into this laptop, and I can tell you right now, it's well worth the price. I actually think after testing it, that the price is almost too low.

Great deal a few days ago

Remember this laptop is just jammed with the best of the best like the Intel Core i7-2630QM Quad-Core processor! 2GB of Nvidia Video Graphics! This is one of the hottest and fastest laptops on the market today and at an excellent price!! If you're looking at the ASUS G53SX-XT1 and still have questions, ask our expert.