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Laptop Tester Review | Chromebook and Chrome OS Review

Chromebook and Chrome OS Review

The excitement that started a while ago over the Chrome OS release by Google and the Chromebook has not really gone away too much, as a matter of fact this is one of the highest selling "netbooks" available today.

The fuss over the Chrome Operating System and the Chromebook itself is for one thing, something new and different. With Microsoft Windows and Apple's Lion OS, there hasn't really been much more to pick from as far as OS systems go. So a new operating system release is sure to get some attention.

Chrome OS is a very simple system and designed and tailored for the web surfer and small time application user. With a small processor and limited ram, you can only do so much with what you get from the Chrome OS, but that is not to say or imply that it doesn't have it uses. The Chromebook is great for anyone who needs a very simplistic and easy to use netbook to get online and do what you want socially,so bloggers and the such will actually enjoy using this more than the business minded or gamer user who demands more from his computer.

We were astonished and amused at the same time by the boot time, the speed is very new to anyone used to Windows or Apple operating systems, the Chrome OS starts up in under 8 seconds and allows you to quickly get back to whatever you were doing before you shut it down. That alone is a great reason to invest in Chrome. After all, if you hate having to wait, or get tired of finding something to do when you get your Windows powered laptop out and start it up and sit there waiting to just log in, the Chrome OS will easily put a smile on your face.

Let's talk about the user interface. I have one word to describe Google Chrome's OS UI. Simplistic.
It's now easier than ever to get online, find your documents or just post status updates on Facebook. Now you can basically do whatever you want, quicker and easier than you have done before.

I won't lie, it will take an average Windows user a very short time to get used to using Chrome, but if you're used to using the Chrome browser, you wont have any problem using the Chromes UI. If you want a closer look at how the Chrome OS works, and haven't used the Chrome Browser from Google yet, download it HERE and give a whirl. I think you will like how easy Google has made their Chromebook OS work by using their browser for yourself.

The processor a 1.66ghz Atom duo core does what you need it to do. Since the Chrome OS is primarily focused on web users, the processor is suitable for just that. With only a 2GB DDR3 amount of memory, you can see for yourself that the Chromebook series, for the most part is aimed directly at people who would use the Chromebook for just browsing the Internet or maybe word processing, light gaming, blogging, and maybe some video work and picture management.

Chromebook Graphics are powered by the integrated Intel NM10 Graphics Chipset, which by most standards is a excellent "Netbook" graphics engine, again suitable for light gaming and watching youtube videos. You can't expect much more, I mean it works great for what it is, but don't expect it to run Fear or COD video games.

One of the best features we liked about the Chrome OS is that for the most part, you will have access to thousands of applications that are perfect for using your Chromebook. Most of these apps are found on Google's App store, and for the most part these apps are pretty user friendly. As a matter of fact we have used several of these apps and decided to keep them on our Windows laptops. There are a few great games and even some useful business and school applications suitable for anyone with or without a Chromebook.

Simple Chromebook Specifications

Chrome-based operating system (Chrome OS)
Atom 1.66ghz Dual-core Intel processor
SuperBright 12.1" high-resolution, non-glare display ideal for web browsing
Boots in about 8 seconds and resumes almost instantly
Up to 8.5 hours of continuous use
Size (LWH): 11.6 inches, 8.6 inches, 0.8 inches
Weight: 3.26 pounds

That said, I think you would love these following choices of Chromebooks, take a look at each one, we set the prices lower than most other Chromebook dealer outlets.

Best Chromebook Prices

Acer AC700-1090 LU.SDM0C.003 3G Chromebook $399.99
Samsung XE500C21-H02US Chromebook $370.28
Samsung Series 5 XE500C21-H02US 3G Chromebook $459.99
Samsung Series 5 XE500C21-H01US 3G White Chromebook $459.99

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