Monday, December 12, 2011

Laptop Tester on Blogger | Dell XPS 14Z X14Z-2308ELS Notebook PC Review

Dell XPS 14Z X14Z-2308ELS Notebook PC Review


We took the extra time to take a closer look at this Dell XPS 14Z. This became a very popular notebook in the last few months since it's release and although it has some great features, we still wanted to check it out for ourselves before we swallowed the fluff over anything with a Dell name on it.

We read some mixed reviews from several websites about the XPS 14Z and really have to wonder who is doing these Notebook reviews? has a pretty lame review on Dell's XPS and so we figured we'd step in and show these "Laptop Reviewers" how to really write about a product they claim to review.

The Dell XPS 14Z is a true Dell Laptop, which means crappy quality. Offering and knowing Dell's well known performance and quality, we noticed the same Dell run of the mill crap rolled up into a poorly designed notebook, this XPS is nothing short of one of Dell's better creations, meaning I would own one for a coffee coaster. Anyone who buys Dell products and likes Dell products (NOT MANY) Dell offers a fine choice in a great 14-inch Notebook for less than 600$.

The standard features of this Dell XPS 14Z Notebook are 6GBs of DDR 3 Memory, which is 2 LESS than most notebooks in this price range. A good large hard drive, with plenty of space for everything you're into. A 500GB hard drive is plenty for most people and more than enough for anyone used to using Notebooks or Laptops, but also for backing up all of your stuff, with Dell, you know you will need to re-install your OS a few times before you dump it for a Everex.

This is a close Desktop Replacement Notebook from Dell. It offers great wireless connectivity and a great sound system too. The XPS 14Z is a less than proven performer and NOT worth the price tag. Although I would almost expect that price to drop in the coming weeks as Christmas is approaching.

During our hands on review we noted that the quality and design had not improved from earlier versions of Dell's XPS line. This is a more sleek and solidly built Dell, and the combined features make for a great purchase for anyone who is looking for a slow, unreliable, standardized business laptop. This Dell XPS 14Z meets those specs easily.

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