Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Acer ICONIA TABLET W500 Review | Tablet Reviews

The Acer ICONIA TABLET W500 Review

Compact, light weight and very cool. The Iconia W500 Tablet is the newest most advanced tablet from Acer. This newest release is one of the most outstanding products that Acer has produced in a while.

When I had the chance to review it, I was in the middle of doing another review on another tablet. I can't begin to tell you how quickly I reverted to doing the review on the ICONIA Tablet instead.

This ICONIA W500 Tablet from Acer gives you the best of both world in a very professional looking business minded platform. The tablet itself is a separate component that has a docking keypad station. Giving you complete portable functionality and connectivity. Something not too many tablets offer in this price factor. One of the main reasons I enjoyed doing this review was the fact that both parts of this system are very futuristic and unique!

This Iconia W500 is a very sleek and well designed tablet that gives you unsurpassed clean looking professionalization in everything you do. It has the ports and the ability to do tasks that you need to get done with ease. Nothing I have had the chance to review has really surpassed the Iconia in this way.

You can utilize the W500's 10.1” HD 1280x800, multi-touch screen or dock it and use it like a netbook and touch screen. Both parts of this outstanding tablet are real light and durable. I believe that is one of the best aspects of this system, the lightweight and portable functionality are the real selling point in this review.

You can use the tracking device for effortless mouse navigation with left and right mouse buttons like a laptop, or just use the tablet and type away as well. This is a incredible feature filled product with simplistic and useful features. The W500 Iconia is a great and useful, highly connective tablet from Acer, worth taking a look at for yourself.

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