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Laptop Tester | Top 8 Best Customizable Gaming Laptops

Top 8 Best Hand Picked Customizable Gaming Laptops that you can Build to your own Specifications.

Qosmio X770-BT5G24 Laptop

Great Performer and Excellent Gamer Laptop. A true beast among the crowds of gaming laptops, the Qosmio X770-BT5G24 Laptop can be customized and made to your needs.

Take a look around Toshiba's website if the Qosmio X770-BT5G24 Laptop isn't what your looking for, but if I had my choice, I would build one. These are gaming laptops that kick major butt when it comes to running high end games.

Perfectly balanced Performance. Get Building!


SYX Pursuit SR14 Customized Notebook PC

A great customizable gaming laptop, that's rugged and tough, and allows for great ventilation. Keeps your gaming system cool so you can keep playing without worry.

This is one of those awesome finds that gives you some cool options for gaming. Customize your dream laptop into reality. This customization friendly gaming laptop has to be one of the bests around.

Affordable pricing makes this one of the top ten customizable laptops we could find.

Get your game on and build one now. 


Customizable Sager NP8180 Gaming Laptop

If you like a full set of incredible options for creating your own customized gaming rig laptop, the Sager is where it's at! Pick from the best options available and pack them in tight into the Sager NP8180.

Unmatched customization in a gaming laptop. Performance and super fast customer service, Sager has it going on. You can select from any one of their products and build your own system to your liking or just click te link below and take a ride on Sager's Customizable Laptop Building page.

Build Your Gaming Laptop Now and Have Fun!


Lotus Eclipse 15 Customizable Gamer Laptop

One of the best gaming platforms on the market.
The Eclipse 15 gaming laptop from is one of our favorite laptops out there. Fully customizable and awesome performance at a price below most competitors.

We have reviewed Lotus a few times now, and have actually pushed a little trying to get them on the map in the gaming world. Simply because if you ever had the chance to use one, you would love them like we do.

Customize your own gaming laptop right now and enjoy one awesome experience without spending every dime you have! Go Build One Now!

MicroExpress NP9280 Custom Gaming Laptop

Tell Art Laptop Tester sent you.

I have to say I love MicroExpress Computers. I have been a fan since I first bought their IFL9025 about 5 years ago. These are well built and very affordable laptops.

Real great customizable gaming laptop platforms allows users like you and I to build something we can really call our own. You will see for yourself when you visit their site, you can really build something very powerful and very affordable.

If you want a great customized gaming laptop, you should check these guys out!

Build one now! 


Customizable Alienware M18x Gaming Laptop

Everyoe knows about the power inside Alienware Laptops, and that they are customizable and pretty cool looking too, but we felt their were some better "Classy" laptops for gaming. Let's face it, Alienware laptops are mostly geared towards kids or really geeky people who just like to have a gaming fun time all the time.

We set this down a few notches from number one, it's a great laptop don't get us wrong, but for the money, we would rather have something else.

A fun customizable gamer's delight. Have fun tweeking this one out!

Alienware Customized Your Way!


ASUS G74SX-XT1 Custom Laptop

Already customized for pure gaming the ASUS G74SX-XT1 Laptop is a real beast in the gaming world.

We tried to find a customizable ASUS G74SX-XT1 Laptop, but didn't find a website where you could build one, so we just picked the best in class and put it in this spot.

Get your game on anyways, even if you can't really customize this all that much, at least you know you're getting one kicking laptop!

Buy one now and save.


MSI-GT683DXR-634US Gaming Laptop

MSI is really a great contender in the gaming world as far as laptops go. This already customized laptop is one of the best gaming systems around.

With very high graphic rendering power, i7 leading edge processing strength and MSI's renowned performance, it's hard to beat this bad boy.

Although you can't build it to your own design as far as customizing this laptop, the pre-configured versions for sale are really doing well, and are pretty much already jammed packed with what you need.

MSI GT683DXR-634US (15.6-Inch Screen) Laptop

Best Laptops with Huge Ram

It makes no sense buying a laptop with only the minimal amount of ram installed and then having to install more ram to make your new laptop run faster later on down the road.

We have selected a few new laptops that already have the ram maxed out to the limit or as close as possible at price tags worth looking at. With many laptops being sold with 16gb pre-installed, and some with just the bare requirements, we decided to pick out a few laptops with the most ram already installed.

 These following laptop dealers will save you time and money in the future. Saving you from having to spend extra money on a memory upgrade when it should have already had the maximum amount installed in the first place.

Toshiba has a few laptops ready for your own memory customization, giving you a few great options for memory. As a laptop company, Toshiba's customized laptops are hard to beat.

Lotus PC is another great company that allows for their laptops to be customized with memory to meet your needs.

TigerDirect has the SYX laptops that are ready for you to configure to meet your own needs. Dependable customer service and great products, TigerDirect is a great place to go when you want to custom order a laptop.

Do you want to see some of our best reviews on other laptops? Use our search space up in the top right hand corner of this page and search for a laptop brand you want to learn more about.


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