Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apple iPad 2 Tablet MC764LL/A Review and Best Price

Apple iPad 2 MC764LL/A Tablet 

The Apple iPad 2 is for most appearances a great tablet. One of the thinnest tablets around and a very functional and easy to use tablet. The Apple iPad 2 is very pleasing and a real pleasure to use. You really can not complain about the iPad's luxurious and sleek design, mixed in with a very light feel and a sturdy mix of materials and components

The Apple iPad 2 is a hard tablet to beat as far as consumer ratings and the collective fan club of Apple products who continue to rant and rave about the iPad 2 as the best in tablets. Yet for some, letting go of the Windows format of familiarity can be difficult to do. I myself as a review author on this blog, have issues wanting to change from one OS to another between usage. So I tend to like to stay with one OS more than the other.

I am a true fan of Apple products and I love their operating systems, and this iPad 2. 
I have enjoyed my Macbook Pro for over two years now and love using it as a side kick when I go on my road trips and the such, but as a main work horse for what I do, Windows is where I have to stay.

That does not mean I don't like Apple's operating systems, it more about compatibility more than anything else. The Apple iPad 2 is a very responsive and dependable tablet. Very functional and user friendly, I get a real kick out of this iPad 2. 

As far as using this as a eReader, the apple iPad 2 does have a lot to offer. You can browse just about everywhere you can with the Kindle and download anything just like with a Kindle. As far as reading goes, the back light for the screen does wonders at night, the only problem I had was the glare from lights or reflections. The glass screen on this iPad 2 does give some serious glare.

To me for the most part, I think the Apple iPad 2 is an exceptional tablet PC with many great and useful features. Although I do believe that for many owning a iPad 2 is more of a status symbol that anything else, I can however agree that this tablet is pretty darn impressive and I loved using it.

Apple iPad 2 Product specs: Apple's all-new extremely thinner and more lighter design pushed the Apple iPad 2 up to the top in affiliate sales. Apple made the iPad 2 with a very powerful dual-core A5 chip and the 9.7" LED backlit Multi-Touch display on the iPad gets a little warm sometimes.

Apple iPad 2 MC775LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + AT&T 3G, Black) NEWEST MODEL

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