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Panasonic Toughbook S10 Review

Panasonic Toughbook S10 Review

It's very hard to go wrong with a wise investment of anything that is hard to break or damage. The Panasonic S10 Toughbook is one of those wise investments and it is looking sharper and sharper as Panasonic continues their promise to produce better quality tough laptops.

The Panasonic S10 Toughbook is built around the idea that not everyone can afford to replace a laptop when it slips off the top of a counter or falls out of your hands. The principle around these toughbooks is to give the consumer a better choice overall in reliability and strength.

Business people from lawyers to doctors to even construction workers and engineers can benefit greatly from a Panasonic S10 toughbook, with the chance of loss of data, work, reports or records from a dropped laptop, the S10 gives you a little more security, and toughness not found in your average laptop.

The Panasonic S10 Toughbook is built to take a 30" drop onto a hard surface such as concrete, due to a hard solidly built magnesium alloy shell or casing. Panasonic has also looked into spill protection and dust protection with a spill resistant keyboard and mousepad, giving anyone who could use these benefits on the job a very wise choice in a laptop.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional Gobi2000 3G mobile broadband allows for great connective quality and performance in the field or indoors. The 3G in this Panasonic S10 Toughbook was pretty impressive and I actually had better speeds than my Ethernet connection at the office.

I even can say that the professional look and feel of this toughbook is well suited for any office executive who has to keep his data secure and safe from loss. The S10 Toughbook provides great data security from the implementation of a fingerprint reader, a top mounted irremovable DVD/CD drive and a shock mounted hard drive.

The best option to keep your office data safe, your equipment alive and your pockets from going empty from replacements and data retrieval is to invest wisely in a product that is built around just that, keeping your data, equipment and pockets safe. The Panasonic S10 Toughbook provides optimal protection and a great investment in above standard construction and versatility. To own one of these toughbooks is to say you just a little smarter than the rest!

Business Toughbook S10 by Panasonic

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

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