Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Laptop Tester Reviews | The Panasonic VIERA® 65" Class VT30 Series Plasma HDTV with 3D for Under 3k

VIERA® 65" Class VT30 Series Plasma HDTV with 3D | Model number: TC-P65VT30

Panasonic's Viera TV doesn't really turn me on, it really just only blows me out of my seat! Man Panasonic just doesn't mess around when it comes to their electronics and their VIERA TV's are no exception even under $3000.00 this a great buy.

This 65" single glass sheet (64.7" diagonal) Plasma TV doesn't just boast the best in HDTV quality it very well could be the best in it's class. Nobody knows perfection in electronics like Panasonic and they have reached new heights with this VIERA VT30 Series TV.

Panasonic's VIERA Connect hosts a wide range of connective applications to create a more interactive TV experience. Some of the apps already available are MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, plus quite a few more. All of these apps are already installed and ready for you to connect to the internet. We had zero problems being able to use the ones that came with our test model and actually the total experience was really quite satisfying. We have only tested 3 models in this category so far and out of the three we have tested, this one would rank as the best in it's connectivity and ease of use.

If you would like to read more about all the specs available for this Viera Plasma TV- Model # TC-P65VT30 , please visit Panasonic for more information.

As far a we can tell this is going to be a hot item this year, and it is affordable if you're really in the market for a TV of this size. Viera is well suited to give everyone in your home a great viewing experience and a cool way to stay in touch with friends and family.

Panasonic offers more to you than any other TV in this class. You are able to transform 2D images into 3D images with Panasonics unique 2D to 3D technology. You can even watch regular broadcasts in 3D with Viera's Super Resolution function. Although 2D sources are not always going to provide as good of a 3D view as a 3D source would, you can still watch almost everything in 3D.

The operating manual is easy to read and equally easy to understand, so all the great functions of the Viera TV are easy to use and easy to learn. We found that the most difficult part of using this TV was actually leaving the room. I had a hard time walking away, the picture quality and smoothness of the movements of on screen people were so lifelike and realistic that it was like watching action in person rather than on a TV.

Panasonic's Viera VT30 is top of the line plasma TV quality and it's price isn't all that too high when compared to other TV manufactures in this class. Our hats are off to Panasonic and their VIERA TV, all I can say is if we had one more star to add to our rating scale, this plasma TV would get. Excellence in Electronics, that's Panasonic, and this VIERA model is second to none!

Best Price were could find came directly from Panasonic for under $3000.00. $2,899.96