Monday, January 23, 2012

Gaming Headphones Review | Best Gaming Earphone Sets

The Best in Gaming Headsets 

The best way to play is to submerge yourself into your game and these following gaming headsets are the absolute best gaming headphones available.

Panasonic's Technics give unsurpassed sound creation for those looking for the ultimate in game play hearing, music, comfort and theater enjoyment. 

The range of these headsets are off the charts, no tinny metallic aftertaste or loss of sound structure, just full audio reproduction of your favorite sounds. Very comfortable to wear and lightweight, a perfect combination of gaming and studio sound built into a very powerful headset.

RP-DH1200 Panasonic Headset Technics for Gaming


MMMMmmmm...Studio headsets that meet or exceed your expectations in a price range that are hard to beat. These reproduce sound quality on a almost too professional scale to be used just for gaming. 

With huge bass and high highs, you really can't go wrong. Your games will never sound better with this headset. 

Headphones with Swivel Mechanism and Carrying Pouch

Grado Prestige Series SR225i Headphones Great Deal

Like many other headsets these offer great sounds and astonishing reproduction of all of your favorite sounds and music, but most importantly they offer the gamer seclusive sound value where it matters. Great headset for America's Army game players, who need and rely on sounds to play their games.

Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphone / Speakers (Red Version)

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