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Samsung GT-P7510/M32 Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch 32GB Wi-Fi) Review

Samsung GT-P7510/M32
Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch 32GB Wi-Fi)

A perfect combination of elegance and portability. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1" Tablet carries all of Samsung's well known design and functionality, pulled together in a very classy and user friendly tablet. Our test Galaxy tablet was astounding and we are happy to be able to share our experience with this great tablet.

Samsung has really put some thought into the design of this tablet, as it is very sleek, ultra thin, and incredibly functional. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is perfection in the world of tablets. 

A large 10.1 inch screen on this Galaxy tablet allows for easy and stupendous views in multiple angles, while sitting or standing, we were able to see everything on the screen. Media lovers will enjoy the fantastic resolution and deep contrast we saw on during movie play back, videos and picture viewing. The screen color depth is accurate and pretty vibrant and with enjoyable speeds, we liked how this tablet functioned as a entertainment source.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet allows for anyone who does a lot of multitasking and web browsing a very easy and friendly navigational format to move around from one open window to another. You can easily maximize your views with the multi-touch screen by spreading two fingers as they touch the screen on a video, picture or movie. 

We have to say we enjoyed the responsive touch screen and quick finger tracing. In actuality we never had to retrace our finger tip to re-grab the cursor while moving around, as we have had to do with other tablets in this price range.

The ever powerful and quickly becoming a mainstay in processor power for many portable devices, the Nvidia Tegra II runs this Samsung Galaxy tablet smoothly and efficiently. Great graphic processing and smooth video playback abounded during our test.

Let's talk thin. The Samsung Galaxy is only 0.34" in thickness, making this one of the thinnest and lightest tablets we have ever had the chance to review. Very easy to use buttons and ports were acceptable and functional.

Android's 3.1 OS lets you keep everything you need at your finger tips. Quick and easy platform allows for multiple apps and provides a clean and smart format for everything you do. From picture viewing to web browsing, Samsung's Galaxy tablet is a sound work horse, full of power and useful strengths everyone will enjoy using.

Duo front and back cameras give the user a great way to communicate and do some picture/video quality recording and photographing. The sleek style and glossy finish supplies you with a user friendly device, while maximizing a little on style and design.

This is a very well constructed tablet, the Galaxy had us excited the moment we held it in our hands, and we really liked the durability of it's casing and screen coating.

Exceptional materials and impressive technology is stamped right into this tablet. As with most of the Samsung products we have tested, we took note on how well this tablet performed, and give it a blessing by doing our review.

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