Thursday, January 19, 2012

Samsung 15.6" Series 7 Laptop in Review

Samsung Series 7 15.6" Laptop Review

Samsung's NP700Z5AH Series 7 15.6" laptop is one powerful and professional laptop. We have done reviews on the 15" Series 7 and the Series 7 gaming laptop by Samsung and we can easily match our reviews to each laptop as far as performance and design. Unbiased and fully hands on, our reviews on all three series 7 laptops have all came out the same, which should tell you, Samsung meets our demands and requirements and will most likely surpass your own!
Very well constructed and designed, this laptop will provide you with years worth of computing and reliability. Designed to be lightweight so you can carry this laptop around all day without fatigue, thanks to the Aluminum material the casing is made from. Samsung's Series 7 is very comfortable and easy to use, the keyboard is soft on the fingers, meaning they feel light to the touch, no real springy hard typing.
The powerful Series 7 has all the strength you could ever ask for in a full sized laptop, but lighter and much more functional. The Fast Start Technology is amazing, just under 3 seconds and you are up and running. You can even watch your battery life in hours and in years, so your are not caught off-guard by a dead battery. No not with Samsung's Series 7, you get unbelievable serious components and serious Samsung quality!
We did some deep research for the best prices on the Samsung 15.6" Series 7 and have them listed below.


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