Saturday, January 28, 2012

Made in the USA Laptops | Growing US Company Selling Great Laptops

Lotus Brand Laptops a Growing USA Computer Company with Astonishing Value and Amazing Products

Put away your old laptop and forget about buying some over priced huge named brand PC and start looking at a great alternative in Laptop Manufactures. Like 90% of the consumer base in consumer electronics, you are most likely looking to spend close to $1,000.00 for a high end business or gaming laptop, and you might even be looking at some of the biggest named brands out there trying to decide on which laptop to buy from who. 

Before you shell out almost a months worth of salary for something with a name brand, take a look at a fast growing and little known company that's almost ready to spread it's wings in the consumer electronics world. Lotus PC. A USA based little known laptop company with amazing products and incredible value, that has been selling top of the line custom laptops and PCs since 2007.

Trustworthy and with awesome customer satisfaction, Lotus PC has everything you need at far below prices of it's bigger named competitors. Their sales and service department is run as if you were buying from family and not just some robotic reprogrammed service help, you actually get a live person who is willing to go that extra mile to get what you need, exactly how you need it.

Quality components from names you can trust, like NVIDIA, INTEL, MICROSOFT, LINUX, GIGABYTE, and CLEVO are built into their laptops and PCs, which are the basis of their custom quality and performance that you can find in their products when you buy from Lotus.  

So before you go out there and buy a laptop from a company that just cookie cuts out each laptop and PC without really letting you have a choice, take a look at this little known laptop and PC company who does way more for your hard earned money than those other brands without a heart.
Lotus is a great USA based company, with a large following of customers who swear by their quality and design. You can trust in their services and know you are spending your money with a company that not only is worth spending money with, but who actually cares that you do.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufmanicon