Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gibson SG 65 Standard Electric Guitar | Our Favorite SG Guitar

Gibson SG 65 Standard Electric Guitar

Yeah we review laptops, but as the main author of this blog, I happen to love this guitar and decided to say a few things! The Gibson SG Standard Electric is my favorite guitar by Gibson. As a huge guitar lover I couldn't pass up this opportunity to try to sell my readers my choice as the best guitar you can buy off of Amazon.

Strings for the SG65
This is a fixed bridge, high resounding wood bodied guitar that offers players a huge range of deep heavy classical sounds with a mix of very sensual pulls and solo notes that I believe sound better coming from this masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship that any other guitar available.

What really is important about this Gibson SG and it's features is its solid and beautiful mahogany body, that goes through the same careful selection procedure that all of Gibson's woods go through. The wood quality is as important as everything else on this guitar, but resonates so wonderfully, that the tone is incredible, and smooth enough for anything from Jazz to Heavy Metal.

Powerful pickups give you a very unique sound that captures both the strings output as well as the woods vibration absorption. The bridge is located close to the bridge pickup and allows for a huge range of highs and great squealer notes from double picking the strings.

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