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Samsung Series 9 Notebook Review

Samsung Series 9 Notebook Review

Best Price on the Series 9 by Samsung
Samsung doesn't seem to like to play around when it comes to their notebooks. The Series 9 Notebook from Samsung is an extraordinary piece of technology and entertainment and well worth the price tag.

Seamless design and wonderful materials, we fell in love with Samsung's Series 9 and you will too.

Their new releases have been nothing short of extraordinary and impressive over the last few years. The Samsung Series 9 is a perfectly balanced notebook, that has all the advancements Samsung is famous for making, applied into their series 9.

The Samsung 9's ability to be a great all around performer for business or pleasure is obvious, and with this Sammy you also have the power and the advanced technologies to keep owners busy in comfort. A very glossy and cleanly seamed screen gives you ultra high resolution and bright crisp images, a little lack luster in vibrancy, but nothing to keep media users away from buying this.

The Samsung Series 9 Notebook Specs: • Ultra-portable at just 0.64 inches tall and 2.88 pounds • Chassis made of incredibly strong duralumin • Lightning-fast solid state drive protects your data from bumps and drops • Speedy multitasking with the Intel Core i5-2467M processor

We enjoyed this notebook during our review, and think it's a great runner up against the other closely priced units we've tested. The Series 9 is one of the more impressive releases by Samsung. I also enjoyed the ease of use and the very responsive touch mouse pad. The keyboard is easy on the fingers, and quiet for typing. A great feature I like when using a laptop or notebook in a area around other people. Who wants to hear typing?

At 2.88 pounds, this is lighter than the Macbook, and no heavier than some tablets I've seen. Actually I have seen some that are heavier than this Notebook. The Samsung 9 is 13.3 inches and fit's easily into a laptop bag with other laptops. If you are like me you may have several.

The Samsung 9 Series also comes with the Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors and up to 8GB of DDR3 Ram. You can pick from a 128gb to 256gb SS Drive that allows you to have very quick response and resume times on the go. The Series 9 is a close counterpart to the Chronos Series 7, yet priced a little lower and less flashy in design, yet still one incredible Samsung product.

A few useful connectivity ports to point out, to make things easy there is a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, a headphone/microphone jack and an SD card slot located on the sides of this machine that are creatively enclosed in a flip open system. We think this is a very useful design modification that only Samsung could have dreamed up. The flip open pot enclosures are what really keeps the 9 so thin. It is also made from a very unique material called duralumin, which is a very strong yet lightweight alloy that covers the top and sides.

Sound is pretty nice, not headbanging impressive, but nice and clear. I actually listened to Pandora for a while on it and enjoyed the sound. No issues, not brassy or ringing, but nothing really awesome per-say. 
The Mousepad is very responsive and over-sized. Much like the Chronos, the Series 9 has close to the same take on that new multitouch system for a mousepad. Again no issues with ours and we enjoyed it very much.

All in all I would say the Samsung Series 9 is a real artistic take on a laptop/notebook, where other's fail at thinness and design, Samsung soars. Very impressive, and sleek, and thin. I think you yourself would enjoy the Series 9 and enjoy using it as much as we did. This is a great piece of technology and  worth taking a look at.

Best Price on the Series 9 by Samsung
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