Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Choices on Laptop Cooling Pads - From Laptop Tester

Laptop cooling pads come in a variety of different designs and options. Many manufactures have taken the job of keeping your laptop cool pretty seriously and have become almost scientific about how to cool your laptop. 

We reviewed a few of the leading cooling systems/pads available and have come up with a few that give you options that others don't. Some are basically just pads, or have the ability to to stand your laptop for better ease of use while keeping your laptop cool. 

Belkin Laptop Cooling PadBelkin Laptop Cooling Pad

The Laptop Cooling Pad's unique patented wave design keeps your laptop from overheating. Using Belkin's wave design, it's natural convection enhances the fans cooling power, and lowers power consumption. Plug it in via your laptop's USB port and enjoy a cooler, better running laptop with this cooling pad.
Best Price we could find for this cooling pad $24.99

The NBC-8PAK-GP NotePal U1 Notebook Cooler from Cooler Master
CM R9-NBC-8PAK-GP NotePal U1 Notebook Cooler
A very "Cool" laptop and notebook cooling system from Cooler Master. Aluminum construction and well designed, this cooling system allows you to tilt and stand you laptop for better posture and ease of use. Works great for both laptops and notebooks. Keep your laptop or notebook cool and running smoothly with this great cooling system.
Best Price we could find for this laptop and notebook cooler $17.99

Logitech N200 USB Cooling Pad

Logitech 939-000346 N200 Cooling Pad 

We like cooling pads that actually do what they say they will do and Logitech's N200 Cooling Pan is awesome for keeping your laptop cool! Special induction system sweeps cool air through your laptops vents and keeps memory and motherboards ultra cool. 2 fan speed selections makes this cooling pad perfect for anyone's laptop.
We found it at a great price $39.99

Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike Force Notebook Cooler

Intelligent cooling system for gaming in mind. With gaming laptops and notebooks becoming more popular, and even high performance gaming laptops from well know popular companies can and do overheat, leading to unfavorable in-game lags, and can cause permanent hardware damage. CM Storm's SF-19 laptop cooler will solve this gaming problem, and take laptop performance above the norm by keeping your gaming laptop super cool.

Cooler Master Notepal ErgoStand for 9"-17" Laptops

Take a stand....for cooling your laptop. This stand has a simple mesh fabric and a 140mm fan to keep your laptop cool and keeps your laptop in the optimal angle to keep your back straight and that causes less stress on long typing tasks. Decrease eye strain and keep your laptop safe and cool.
Great for business types and students. Priced right at $32.99