Friday, January 6, 2012

Compare Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 Slate with the Acer Iconia Tab W500

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The Fujitsu Q550 Tablet with Acer's W500 Tablet

These Tablets or so called Slates are two of the most comparable on the market. Both have a great 10.1 inch Screen and a versatile easy to use interface, while the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 has a larger SSD, beating the Acer Iconia W500 by an extra 30GB in SSD space, and a .24 fewer ounces in weight, the biggest difference though is price.

The Acer W500 is roughly $300.00 lower in price than the Fujitsu Q550, but what else sets these two similar Tablets apart besides price, 30 extra GBs of SSD and .24 in weight?

The Acer W500 has a great little special additional attachable keyboard that comes with it's lower price compared to the Fujitsu unit. Acer's Ring Control is also a great feature, along with Acer's depedable quality. For $549.00, the W500 is something worth taking a good look at.

A built in webcam and a nice sound system along with powerful discrete graphics, AMD processor and a sleek design. The Acer W500 is almost priced too cheap if you asked me. This to me is a steal and well worth every cent. Acer W500 Specs

The Fujitsu Q550 is a little thinner, a little lighter, comes with a little more SSD space, and has a few more extra components than Acer's W500, but also lacks the Keyboard Dock that the ACer model comes with.

Intel GMA 600 with shared graphics memory, and Intel's Atom Processor deliver pretty good graphics and speeds. The Fujitsu Q550 is not something to be ignored, but then again the price is a little higher. Fujitsu Q550 Specs

You do get a few more extra GB's and a maybe slightly higher processor, but the Acer unit is a little more useful and comes with a much needed keyboard which you would need to buy separately with the Fujitsu Q550. They are both good units and well respected by our blog writers, so we won't render a real decision on our own. I think personally, the extra 30GB's and the slightly better glossy screen is worth the extra $300.00, but then again, having to dish out more for a keyboard if you wanted one is a little more than what I would want to spend.

All in all, the Acer W500 wins for me. But hey Check them both out for yourself and see if they would fit your own budget for a Tablet PC.

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Author Jeffrey A Kaufman


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