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Satellite Pro® L640 laptop Review

You can't really ever go wrong with Toshiba products but this Satellite Pro L640 review will not be written by me this time.

We have a long history, me the author of this blog and Toshiba products, we go way back. So in order for me to do this I will have to either pretend I haven't owned their products before or act as if I am unfamiliar with their quality. 

Which will be hard to do, as we all know we have to write unbiased reviews on Laptop Tester, as our main concern has always been the ability to give you the reader a real good professional opinion on all products we review. So today I am letting a friend of mine review the Satellite Pro L640 Laptop and I'll be taking a back seat for the same reasons anyone should who may not write a very unbiased review based on thier own exceptional experience with a product. lol
Toshiba's Satellite Pro L640comes with some interesting features. Besides the well designed and perfectly balanced medium between comfort, style and power, Toshiba has some great little additions that help you get the job done and stay organized.

You can easily manage your daily and weekly tasks and to-do lists with their Bulletin Board, giving you a great organization tool for everything you have to accomplish.
The Toshiba Satellite L640 comes with wireless N Wi-Fi, which keeps you soundly connected to your internet and office station. Download and upload at faster than before speeds with Wireless N, stay connected, load pages faster and do a whole lot more than you could with the older versions of some wireless systems. Ultra fast and quick on the fly connections, keep you on top while on the go, at work, or at home.

ReelTime lets you work faster, quicker and easily throughout your work day, or daily activities. A easy to understand timeline of recently used or opened files, pictures or programs that you use everyday. Reeltime helps you stay ready on the go, keeps you on task, and saves you a little time from searching or looking for important must have now files.

The Reeltime is an exclusive product found in the Satellite Pro L640, and it is a very helpful, responsive product.

Put your finger on this easy to use multi-touch pad and enjoy all the functions you need and would hope to get with a laptop made in this day and age. You can push, zoom, rotate, scoll and swipe your way around the screen, and the tracking is very accurate.

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