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Laptop Review | Samsung's Series 7 700G7A Gaming Laptop Review

Samsung's 700G7A Series 7 Gaming Laptop Review

New Gaming Laptop by Samsung, the Series 7 Gaming System

The word is out and everyone is wanting to get their gaming hands on what is soon to be the best gaming laptop of 2012. 

The ultra cool, and brand new Series 7 Seven Gaming Laptop by Samsung is about to be one more giant leap for this company's commitment to laptop computer excellence and for gaming elite everywhere.

A masterful blend of high tech components and superior materials, this Samsung 700G7A screams gaming and performance. This Series 7 gaming laptop is made for the gamer who wants extreme performance and high quality graphically intense gaming deliverance for their favorite games. Making this Sammy gaming rig a gamer's dream come true.
Built to provide pure gaming excellence, this 700G7A Series 7 by Samsung is also made to surpass user demands, by incorporating a quick switch from gaming mode to web surfing mode at a simple turn of a switch. So you can conserve battery life, but also keep the light bill low as well. There are several configurations, in gaming mode the fans run at full speeds, giving excellent game play and smooth operation of your controls. There is also a Library setting, Green, and balanced. Making this a friendly laptop in quiet settings and a real bomb at home.
Lighted Keyboard for the Samsung Series 7 gaming rig adds great functionality to this impressive gaming system! Both have Intel Core i7 processors and 2GB graphics cards, an AMD Radeon HD6970M The Series 7 Gaming Laptop also uses some very powerful audio delivery systems. Great sound is provided by well placed speakers, a loud sub-woofer and Dolby Surround Home Theater V4 Technology. That's why I said this is a masterful blend of technology and materials. The sound is crisp and clear, and actually quite vibrant. Unbeatable quality in headphone use as well as straight out open performance.
There are discussions about the releases of two different models of the 700G7A Series 7 gaming laptop, one with the Sandy Bridge and the high powered AMD graphics processor or the new Ivy Bridge and the ever powerful GeForce GTX 670M series GPU. This may happen soon, and we are keeping an eye out to see if and or when they release that version.

If the rumors are correct though, this will be Samsung's current offering of this gaming platform that America will get to purchase, and it is just the current configuration of the Quad Core i7 CPU, with the impressive 2GB AMD Radeon HD6970M graphics card, loud and clear JBL speakers, and the complex and powerful 300-nit, 1080p display. Then again rumors are just rumors and we will have to wait till April to see this laptop land on our shores here in America.
Samsung Gaming Series 7 Laptop Cooling System made this laptop run great at the highest settings in 1080p, we got excellent performance playing high end games. A Quad-Core Intel i7 Processor with 16GB's of Memory and 2TBs of fast storage is really a good combination when thinking of gaming on a laptop in a broad scope point of view, and Samsung really packs it in tight.

A 1080p Screen, a built in 2.0mp Web Camera and Blue-Ray, with 3D over HDMI and a very powerful cooling system sets this 7 series gaming laptop pretty high up on the charts as far as gaming rigs and entertainment laptops go. The ever cool Samsung logo glows with a almost ghostly color supported by a LED back-light that simply vanishes when the lid is closed. Expect it to come in a 3 color choice or more, of black, yellow or red. I have heard of different color combinations from a dark purple and a bright green, but standards as of now are black, yellow and red.

While we marked everything about this laptop with very high unbiased marks, we did notice that in gaming mode the touch pad is turned off, for some this may be a bother, but we highly doubt it as many people use wireless gaming mouses over a touch pad anyways, but still a simple on off switch would be better that having to get out of game mode to turn it on.
Gamers in the USA and North America who are looking for a super high-end gamer friendly laptop may have been jealous slightly at fellow gamers in Europe who were able to purchase the series 7 gaming laptop.
In contrast to the lightweight Series 7 Chronos Laptop, this would be in my mind the complete opposite between the two. This series 7 is built totally for gaming, with the most impressive gaming components Samsung has ever assembled in a laptop with their name on it.
A very versatile laptop for both the high end crazy gamer and the business person dealing with CGI work or other graphic intense programming. The Series 7 Gaming Laptop from Samsung is excellence in the making and I believe it won't be long when other companies will follow suit against Samsung's intense gaming system.
If you're ready to get your game on, then take a look at the prices and go ahead and get your game on! This Series 7 Gaming Laptop is waiting for you!

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Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop

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